Dr. JJ Pursell

Research. Plant Medicine. Naturopathic Physician. Acupuncturist. Author. Speaker. Entrepreneur.


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“Helping others is the secret sauce to a happy life.”

– Todd Stocker

Meet Dr. JJ

Mama, Farmer, Herbalist, Doctor, Business owner, Author, Animal and Earth Activist & Wife

Dr. JJ Pursell (she/her) is a graduate of NUNM with a doctorate in Naturopathic medicine and Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental medicine with a specialization in plant medicine. Her career has been a colorful journey in entrepreneurship, teaching, writing, research, product development and an ever present dream state of creation.

In recent years her professional journey has guided her back to the study and research of psychedelic medicine and the opportunities it presents to human healing.

She loves teaching and sharing her knowledge to inspire others along their learning and healing journeys. Writing and research fill up a lot of her time and she has published 5 books.

Having grown up in the city and on her fathers flower farm, her love of creating beautiful places still resides and she spends much of her free time on her acreage manifesting secret spots of garden bliss.

Let’s get personal…

  • Raised in Nebraska
  • Currently residing outside of Portland, Oregon
  • Loves to garden and travel
  • Would live outside if she could
  • Adores animals of all types
  • Cooking for family and friends brings her happiness
  • Deep diving into the meaning of life and connectivity is a passion