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Breast Massage

Breast Massage

| Dr. JJ Pursell | Body Care

Breast massage is a healthy way to keep breast tissue, or chest tissue free of congestion and fibrotic accumulation.

This massage can be done anywhere, at anytime. The shower is a good time as the water and soap mix to create a nice lubricating softness to the massage. You can also do this with your favorite healing massage oil or breast salve. 

By slightly cupping your fingers, you create a loose fist, which is perfect to perform the massage. Simply take your hand and move them in a circular motion around the breast and surrounding tissue. Perform inward circles 20 times and then outward circles 20 times. To complete, cup one breast at a time and gently push tissue up towards the closest armpit. Do this 5 times for each breast. This final movement moves circulation up towards the lymphatic system. Please ensure each movement is a gentle glide of tissues. 

Done daily or every other day can help reduce fibrotic tissue accumulation in the breast as well as support circulation in and around breast tissue.

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