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Micro-dosing Mamas

Micro-dosing Mamas

| Dr. JJ Pursell | Psilocybin & Psychedelics

Microdosing is beginning to get more and more attention. From the Harper Bazaar’s article to the NY Times reporting, microdosing is on the verge of mainstream. So, what’s all the hype?

First, let me share what microdosing is, and what it isn’t. Microdosing is the ingestion of psilocybin in a very small dose. The dose is so small there shouldn’t be any psychedelic symptoms. Psilocybin is commonly known as magic mushrooms, but in this small dosage, you are evoking a much different type of response than the deep spiritual work from a macro dose.

I compare microdosing to homeopathy in the broadest sense possible. While homeopathic remedies (think arnica for bruising or apis for bee stings) work on a molecular level with the sub-particles of the substance being given, they both are initiating change in the body with a very small dosage.

More is not better when we are considering microdosing and many people will report the dosage of microsing to be 1/10 of macro dose. But if you’ve never taken a macro dose, which is a full dose to experience a psychedelic journey, how would you know where to start? In my experience dosing is very individual and it can be anywhere from .1 - .5 grams of psilocybin. For myself I have found if I take more than .25 g, I begin to more towards a consciously noticeable shift in my consciousness which isn’t the goal of microdosing. Staying at .25g or less I reach the mental plateau I desire; focus, creativity, energy and a positive outlook.

And that is the sweet spot. Using a small amount of psilocybin to uplift mood, activate creativity and cognitive function, and increase motivation and connection. These results are repeatedly being found, despite the lack of hard science through clinical trials. James Fadiman, the grandfather of microdosing has been collecting citizen science on microdosing for decades. Thousands of people from around the world have reported into Fadiman’s website regarding their experiences and protocols (how and when they take their microdose) and he has an extensive knowledge and experience on the topic.

The Harpar Bazaar’s article, linked here, Mommies Who Mushroom, talks about using microdosing as one tool to help survive modern day parenting. Let’s be honest, modern day parenting is stressful. With 1001 responsibilities the energy tank of a parent is often consistently running on low. With fatigue and low energy it can be very challenging to find the motivation or desire to want to play with our young children or to find the bandwidth to hold space for our preteens emotional upheavals. Personally I have found a greater level of understanding and less frustration in my day to day with microdosing which has helped me remain connected to myself and my kids.

But is microdosing legal? In some states psilocybin has been decriminalized but this does not imply that psilocybin mushrooms are legal for people to buy, sell, or possess. Decriminalizing a drug means that the police are no longer focused on arresting people for possession and consumption. Oregon, Denver, Colorado; Oakland and Santa Cruz, California; Washington DC; Somerville, Northampton, and Cambridge, Massachusetts; and Ann Arbor, Michigan have all decriminalized psilocybin. As you will find there are more and more places to purchase microdosing capsules online but if you’d like a recommendation on where to purchase, please ask.

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