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Well Gel by The Earth Lab

Because we deserve more than just an ice pack.

I love formulating a good product. Originally named Comfrey Gel, this product was made to cool, calm and heal the perineum and vaginal tissue post-labor. My motto has always been, "We deserve more than an ice pack."

I considered renaming the formula "Restoration Gel," but because it can do so much, I landed on Well Gel. I secured pre-seed funding to launch the product in the fall of 2020. But with the world being what it was at the time, and realizing my kids would not be returning to school in the fall of that year, I had to put it all aside.

Now that things have settled, and that WE STILL DESERVE MORE THAN AN ICE PACK, I'll be launching this product, FINALLY, in 2024. Want to be one of the first to receive it? Fill out the form below.

Also, if you have a product that you'd like to create, but need a little helping hand, please reach out.

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